Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Change is hard. And painful. And hurts. I'm in the third week of the insanity workout and every morning it kills me. I feel better once I complete it though and I know the change it's working on me is nothing but good. But I sure hate it while I'm doing it.

I'm not going to bore you with my physical workout regimen though. This is about something more serious. The Searle family is still here and there are things I'd love to write about, but my energy and mind has been engaged elsewhere, hence why it has been so silent here on the blog and we've disengaged from much social media. If it seems like we've not kept in touch or ignored you, I apologize. Our family is going through a change that is hard, painful, and hurts. That change is a divorce for Christy and I. That is something I never anticipated writing or living, but life throws us some curve balls. I wish this curve ball hadn't been thrown my direction and I experience a wide range of raw emotions daily. I get asked about our family and how we're doing and just wanted this to be known so people understand where we're at and we can move forward and live our lives. We hope to and are working to maintain a good relationship so things can work out for the best possible scenario for our kids.

Thank you all for your friendship, prayers, thoughts, and good vibes. I don't know when the pain and hurt will diminish or go away, but like the insanity workout, I hate it while I'm doing it. But I hope that each of us is able to become stronger, heal, and be the best person possible for whatever the future holds. Much love to you all.


Carla Hoffman said...

Sending you all the love in the world--to you and your sweetest of children, and Christy. Only love.

dan said...

You guys are both amazing and wonderful people that I have grown to love. I am sad about this, but it doesn't change my esteem for either one of you. I have confidence that you guys will work together for the best or your children, because your passion for them has always shone. I hope the kids manage the transition, and love to you both.

Jacob said...

Man. That's rough. Sorry bro.

Just Jill said...

Greg, You are a good man; one of the best. My love to you and Christy as you transition your relationship. It sucks and it's hard; but, as you and Christy know, your relationship is not ending it's changing. You'll always have a relationship so take care of one another and nurture yourself and Christy through this difficult time. Respect each other and yourself. Find an outlet where you can be and do whatever is honest in the moment. Be happy, sad, mad, depressed, relieved and whatever else you are in the moment then move forward a better person. Hugs