Friday, January 01, 2010


So, here it is a new year. 2010. Wow, and here's this blog thing that I once wrote on a little more frequently but haven't in quite some time. I know, shame on me. Don't I realize there are millions of adoring fans out there wanting an update?! My apologies fans. This might be the only post for 2010, but if you're lucky I'll post a bit more. Who knows with me? I'm a bit unpredictable. Just ask the wife and kids. Sometimes I'm funner than a barrel of monkeys and other times I'm a grumpy gorilla. And I'm always hairy as a gorilla, so that never changes. We came home from our new year celebration with our friends and I can't quite get myself to sleep, so I thought what better way to get to sleep than write on the blog? Yep, it worked...night and Happy New Year!