Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Playing in Island Park - Daw Reunion

We had a great time in Island Park at the reunion.  We went to the top of Sawtelle and the kids threw rocks over the side of the mountain. Kids went tubing and I water skied and realized just how old I am.  I golfed five times in six days. That's a record.  And Christy golfed two times in three days...another record. It was a lot of fun having her golf in the annual Bud Daw Memorial Golf Tournament.  We teamed with my bro-in-law Larry Valdez and my sis-in-law Jill Searle.  We managed a respectable 2 under par, good enough for middle of the pack honors. Chisty's Uncle Dennis and his two sons Josh and Jared won with a sick 12 under par...that's gross. We also floated down Big Springs in a canoe with Adam and Zach doing most of the paddling when they weren't out in the water wading. Adam was in big trouble for losing one of his Crocs. We drove home Saturday night and arrived home Sunday morning...11 hours later and a whole lot loonier after a night of driving with little sleep.  At least the kids slept sound. So the kids started school Monday.  That's their pic just before catching the bus. 

Our room in the cabin had a tub with jets. The boys thought that was pretty cool as you can see with all the bubbles.
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Krysta said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. Wish we could have seen more of you!!! Love ya lots!! Missed ya at the reunion!

Hazelhofer said...

Hey, we canoed down the same river, during a thunderstorm, lots of wind. Hard to canoe against the wind! Looks like you had a lot of fun, cute family photos. Glad you guys are back. Wendy


What a cute family!

bebop said...

How are you all? Greg it's been too long.... send your favorite Comp an email we need to catch up buddy.

Oh and your family looks great! you look bald, but the family looks great.
Your pal-
Rob Koch

Karen said...

Interesting. I have relatives that spell their last name, D-A-W-E. I wonder, if you guys went far enough back, would you have similiar roots?