Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Another month gone, holy cow, where does the time go? Christy had a birthday last week. She wanted an ipod, so I bought her the touch. It's super cool. I think she likes it, but takes a little time figuring out.

We went to the beach again with some friends and the kids were able to see urchins, anemone, star fish, and other stuff in tide pools.

We also visited the Oakland temple to see the lights and go through the visitors center.

Christy is taking the boys to the club swimming a couple times per week. I'm surprised how well they're adapting to the water and swimming. Isaac had his swimsuit on tonight asking to go swimming. They really enjoy it, which is good since I've never been a great swimmer and I hope they'll do better in water than myself.

My parents have their 50th wedding anniversary on the 27th, so we're heading to Idaho for the occasion. The kids are excited to see family. They're also very excited for Christmas. Luke asks us everyday if today is Christmas. That's all until next time...

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Anonymous said...

It is so great to see what you guys are up to. I miss the days of being able to go to the beach in December. It looks like you are all doing well. Check out our blog for our latest happenings. We went to Idaho for was cold, but beautiful! Have fun!